Tuesday, June 23, 2015

^^cuci MATA

06.20.2015 (Saturday)
Xde strong pound just what sy-law break the fast at home ^^

06.21.2015 (Sunday)

When Ramadan is only a few days, with xde kejenya sy jd (although ad je nak keje settle) plan to Bangi ^^
Just want to wash the eyes tgk BRG SNA baby kat ^^ lg Yela slow wage, so eyewash previous SNA kat ^^
kat xsangka SNA area BYK places we're looking for all nk ad! 

So with our persistent to 1 shop to one store! Last clothes shop we accept that, but we xde He bought the following ad-proof fabric at my lil bro Bandung bole buy clothes that made us pleasing design tu ^^

Then we have to bring Clinic myPrincess plus cough that her right thumb injury Mandailing ad tertianship skin! He suffered kat Xtau mn t ^^ When the nanny, she kt with their lazy but myPrincess tu tu ^^ nk prolong story Yela will shortly xtau she came where our children will mcm ^^ tu dah will thank! ssh follows ni nak cari nanny now ^^

myHubby plaque toothache since he returned Saturday pg tu, when he was a tough kid to the clinic so painful Mandailing Sunday, so we went to the clinic xsempat ^^

I know he's lazy to change when the doc asked her to take medicine on time! Nk strong following but I was too sick KOSTENLOSE plus sje2 xnak not pose ^^

So till then XOXO!

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