Friday, November 19, 2010

my H.E.A.R.T say....

wake up Miss Emily Ming Yu Megumi!!!!
hurry up!
u have 3 more days to complete ur study~

Emily's said " i no mood in study...i dun no y?"
Heart say "u have too~last chance 2 get more A's in dis semester!!"
Emily's said " i know, but i need sumone 2 scold me & bubbling then invite 2 study group!"
Heart say " b4 dis u can rite? u dont like a STUDY GROUP!!"
Emily's said " huh! help me...
Heart say " i know u can do it~last chance..u have in ur self..make ur parents know their have a lil princess who can manage their time 2 study & will make them proud!"
Emily said "thanks! i will~"

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